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BTU-6 Black-box type UV analyzer Featured


BTU-6 Black-box type UV analyzer


 BTU - 6 Black-box type UV analyzer can send out long and short wave uv light with high UV intensity ,good stability and easy operation. It’s reliable and popular among

customers. Mainly used in scientific research, production and other fields.Use widely available in biochemistry, medicine, samples of DNA, RNA electrophoresis gel

observation analysis, detection of protein, nucleotide, etc.




1- Instrument is installed 254 nm and 365 nm uv light source. Transmission of uv light use 312 nm uv light bulb be  arranged closely.

2- 312 - nm wavelength has small damage to the sample with high sensitivity.

3- Fully enclosed with high quality metal black-box. No need to operate in darkroom. Convenient to use, simple to operate.

4- Equipment can be installed digital camera to shoot and take photos.

5- Drawer type table is convenienttotake samples. Left and right sides of the opening door is convenient for visual operation.


Technical Specification:




  Transmission Wavelength

  312nm,254nm,365nm optional
  (standard configuration is 312nm)

  Transmission Filter Size


  Observation Window Size


  Lamp Life



  AC 220V/AC 110V,50Hz







  Net Weight







It can be widely used in genetic engineering, molecular genetics, microbiology, biological products, animal husbandry and medicine and health,

pharmaceutical drug research and verification. It is also applicable to epidemic prevention departments, food industry, textile, rubber oil prospecting

industry, archaeological identification marks inspection, verification counterfeit fake tickets. Apply for fluorescence analysis and verification

department. It's the necessary instrument to be engaged in the modern scientific research departments and inspection supervision department .