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ES-60E Micro-Plate Incubator Shaker Featured




ES-60E Micro-Plate Incubator Shaker


The Micro-Plate incubator shaker ES-60E is one temperature controlled biochemical instrument combined incubation and shaking function. It is

widely used in cell culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemistry, research of enzyme and cell tissue, etc. which required higher quality of

temperature controlling and shaking speed. It can dynamically and statically cultivate microbial cell and all kinds of strains.





1- Integrate incubator and shaker. Save laboratory space.

2- Rational and compact designed, good temperature uniformity, low noisy.

3- Micro-processor controls temperature and shaking speed. Timing function built in.

4- Design of Human-machine interface and operation panel. Cover can be wide-angle opened, convenient to watch and fetch the sample.

5- Built-in cover switch. When the cover is open, air circulation, heating and shaking will automatically stop. No temperature overshoot problem.

6- Unique speed control circuit to ensure shaker smooth starting and avoid liquid spilling.

7- Speed of the circulation fan is adjustable to avoid high-speed of the circulation fan making the sample volatilizing.

8- Independent temperature alarm system. Heating is cut off when temperature over the limited value.

9- Alarm when program completes.

10- Brushless DC motor, long life and maintenance free.


Technical Specification:




Speed Range

200rpm ~1200rpm

Shaking Orbit

3mm (horizontal)

Temp. Control Range

R.T.+5 ~60

Temp. Setting Range

5 ~60

Temp. Stability@37


Temp. DisplayAccuracy


Time Range

1min ~99h59min 
or continuous


AC 220V / AC 110V, 




250V, 3A/5A, Ф5x20

Dimension (WxDxH)

360 x 435 x 320mm

Net Weight


Optional Platform

Platform PW-1500