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MIX-28+ Touch Fairy Vortexer Featured


MIX-28+ Touch Fairy Vortexer


The Dancing Fairy –Vortexer Smart focus on touch-to-mix (short mix) for a variety of tubes / centrifugal tubes. Its compact design makes it very attractive and welcome,

while its touch-to-mix operation makes it very easy handling and quite convenient. Dancing Fairy –Vortexer Smart becomes an essential experimental instrument with its

prominent mixing effect.




1- The maximum diameter of the mixed tube is up to 30mm. Suit for mixing tubes / centrifugal tubes with prominent mixing effect.

2- Outer shell and touch concave are made of plastic which is resistance to chemical attack. The thick base makes operation very steady and


3- 12V low voltage power adapter built in, very smart and portable.


Technical Specification:





 Speed Range

 0 ~4000rpm

 Shaking Orbit

 4.5mm (circle)

 Max. Sample Capacity

 50ml tube

 Power Input /Output

 1.2W / 0.8W


 DC12V 1A



 Dimension (WxDxH)

 110 x 110 x 86mm

 Net Weight