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RH-18 Three-Dimensional Rotating Mixer Featured



RH-18 Three-Dimensional Rotating Mixer


The new series of three-dimensional rotating mixer can mix samples by horizon,vertical or any angled rotation with a variety of sample tubes.Adjusting the rotating frame

(tube holder) can make the products either horizontally or vertically or between the angles of horizon and verticality to rotate.In addition, the two rotating frame (tube holder)

on each side of the rotating roller can be adjusted individually to meet different hybrid modes in one mixture.The 3D rotating mixer is compact, light and convenient.




1- Unique combination of adjustable rotating frame.

2- A variety of rotation modes, from mild type to somersault type rotation mode.

3- RH-18+: with reciprocating oscillation function from 20angel to 99angle.

4- RH-18: positive and negative rotation just gently press the rotating frame when instrument is working.

5- Widely used in molecular biology, histo-chemistry, bio-chemistry, clinical applications, etc.

6- Provide three types of rotating frame.


Technical Specification:





Speed Range

18rpm (Fixed Speed)

Reciprocating Swing Ange Range


Time Range



AC 220V / AC 110V, 50/60Hz





Dimension (WxDxH)

240 x 145 x 210mm

Net Weight




Optional Accessories:


Cat #

 Standard Configuration



1 pair (2 pieces)

 5 centrifuge tubes of 10ml/15ml(Ф15mm-Ф16mm)
 +6 centrifuge tubes of 5ml /7 ml(Ф12mm-Ф13mm)


1 pair (2 pieces)

 3 centrifuge tubes of 50ml +18 centrifuge tubes of 0.5ml


1 pair (2 pieces)

 18 centrifuge tubes of 1.5ml / 2.0ml